The history of SIG

Security Ident Group (SIG) was established in 2011 as a group focussed on the production of security paper and documents. The group was founded on the basis of the Turnaround strategy. With the purchase of distressed assets, the group gradually expanded vertical integration through the use of technological innovation and acquisitions necessary for the comprehensive solution of final products.  

SPM - Security Paper Mill (SPM), the largest producer of security papers in the Czech Republic, was a founding member. 

Tiskárna Hradišťsko, (TH Smart Printing), a specialized company that prints lottery tickets, vignettes and other specific printed materials, was taken over in 2014. The main benefit of this acquisition was the strengthening of research and development focussed on radiofrequency identification technology. 

The German company SSP Ident, one of the three top security document printers, was acquired in 2015. SSP Ident, a former licensed company for the printing of EURO banknotes, now focusses on security documents such as passports, vouchers, stamps and others. 

Another member of the SIG group is the Polish IT firm SPM Systems, which was founded in 2014 and specializes in IT projects in the area of car registration and vehicle registration plates.

The next step in the vertical integration of the group is a joint venture with Globdata GmbH, a highly successful IT firm in the field of micropayments, especially E-ticketing. 

These newly created commercial-legal entities move the activities of SIG more toward Western Europe and enable clients to take advantage of connected and dependent products. 

The incorporation of members in the SIG holding has opened new and comprehensive possibilities for product lines and higher manufacturing capacity.


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