Strategic goals

Founded on the basis of the Turnaround strategy, the Security Ident Group focuses on the expansion of vertical integration. The purchase of distressed assets and the establishment of new business and manufacturing strategies is the basic building block of the promising startup with the aim of providing comprehensive solutions for final products. Also playing a significant role are the integration of IT solutions and the use of innovative solutions such as the Internet of Things, digital communicators and analyzers, Big Data Analytics, etc., as well as the use of innovative technologies and materials. 

Despite the high input barrier in this field, we are prepared to meet the needs of B2C, B2B and B2G (Business to Government) clients.

Strategic goals

  • Increasing investments in research and development
  • Expanding the portfolio with new products
  • Adapting to changes in demand
  • Expanding products from the field of IoT on the market
  • Integration of IT solution in firms

Investment in science and research

  • Own development of protective features
  • Investing in the rapidly growing field of security documents
  • Designing production for the new use of technical papers
  • The technological solutions for the production of high security documents
  • The development and use of Smartphone applications to verify the authenticity of security documents 

Expanding the portfolio with new products

  • The creation of comprehensive offers for clients on markets with security documents
  • The use of solar solutions 
  • The development and use of radiofrequency identification technology in the production of stamps
  • Expansion in the field of micropayments, especially E-ticketing
  • The expansion of the manufacturing program to include vehicle registration plates 
  • The use of the potential of new technologies of Internet of Things scanners in tracking movement at loading sites 
  • The use of IT systems in generating new services
  • The expansion of IT services utilisable in verifying product authenticity
  • Providing IT services in the collection of customs duties and fees 


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