Security Paper Mill won a Ministry of Transport tender for supply of licence plates

In the long - awaited and monitored Ministry of Transport tender for the supply of license plates, SPM - Security Paper Mill offered the lowest bid price. It was nearly by 10% lower than those of other tender participants. Within the public procurement, the Ministry of Transport required a maximum price of CZK 36.5 million for 527,725 pieces of LP per 6 months. The contract is expected to last for four (4) years.
The average price of a plate is CZK 45, compared to the current CZK 77 apiece. Thus the government can save more than 120 million in the four years of the contract duration.
The new LP will have all the security features required by the contracting authority. SPM - Security Paper Mill together with SPM Systems also develops new types of LPs that should be able to communicate with other devices, e. g., to check the car owner by the police, parking systems, etc. Thanks to this, boundaries will be redefined for the registration of cars or other valuable goods and their protection against illegal practices.


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