Election Solutions

b-Election - The election process should be simple, transparent and trustful so as to ensure voters are able to make their choices in secret. To secure these rights, a comprehensive service covering a variety of processes must be provided and constantly developed. The SIG solution is customised to secure different options for handling the election process. Our solution can be set up individually or adjusted according to your requirements.

Security paper for ballot production and ballot papers

Our Czech company, Security Paper Mill, produces and prints ballot paper for a wide range of projects in Europe and other worldwide markets. We protect the election process not only by implementing paper security features such as watermarks and other embedded structural elements, but also by utilising security printing technologies including UV, optically variable and thermo-active inks as well as state-of-the-art printing methods.



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Election solutions

As part of our upgrade package for government clients, we supply a fully integrated solution including traditional ballot papers, polycarbonate voter access cards with contact or contactless chips, data capture hardware and a comprehensive IT system for matching, identification and voter authentication processes. In addition to our standard anti-counterfeit measures for paper and print, we offer automatic fake note detection and counting machines. We also specialise in the unique architectural design of each process, meeting all requirements and ensuring the safety of the election process.



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