Revenue Control Solution

b-Revenue control is a group of software and hardware solutions provided by SIG. Our OEM devices work with b-ident systems and our range of tools created for all homeland security agencies enable internal links between all security parties. As a provider of a wide range of security solutions, SIG fully equips airport staff and law-enforcement officers with devices offering full control of specific security features.

  • Toll collection, tax collection, and transport cost collection are some of the main sources of income for state authorities.
  • They provide proof of originality and authenticity of products and services.
  • To improve transparency, an overview of the whole product/service cycle is essential.
  • Traceability allows the issuing authority to control these type of products and services at all stages to significantly safeguard against counterfeiting.

Paper Tax Stamps

Paper tax stamps are a revenue control solution used by many countries for the collection of excise tax. The benefits of this solution have been proven over many years in combatting counterfeit threats. At SSP-Ident GmbH, our security printing centre in Einbeck, Germany, we have many years’ experience in delivering the best option for each requirement. We use anti-copy rasters, barcoding, blind embossing, bright orange copy protection ink, diffraction foils, guilloches, iris printing, microlines, mottling fibres, numbering, optically variable printing ink (OVD), RFID, sinus lines, standard/customised holograms, steel engraving, transparent fluorescent ink, watermarks and many other features.


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Vignettes and self-adhesive foils are commonly used to collect motor tax revenue. Aided by our expertise in producing vehicle and driver registration security documents, we produce and distribute state-of-the-art vignettes. We offer a wide range of security features and collaborate with clients to advise on the best solution.


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We specialise in RFID solutions for different areas of usage, offering mounted RFID tags for aluminium vehicle licence plates and RFID windshield labels. We continuously develop our products using the best available chip solutions for UHF applications in collaboration with advanced antenna designers.


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Track & Trace solution

b-Track and Trace is a group of solutions that offer added functionality for protecting excise tax products such as cigarettes, alcohol and medicines. We cater for governmental institutions, control bodies, distributors and end-clients, providing a range of benefits:

  • Increased knowledge of the product life cycle
  • Identification of individual products
  • Setting of expiration time frames
  • Delivery of additional product information
  • Improvement of logistics
  • Remote control of revenue and taxation
  • Reporting and analysing


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This group of solutions helps monitor the entire life cycle of sensitive products such as alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals. The main functionality of our solution is to provide clear evidence of each product’s availability. Our solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of governments, manufacturers and individual clients.

Our track and trace engine can also be used for security documents. We deliver accurate information on current life cycle stages for government-issued documents.


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