Smart City Solutions

b-Smart city is a group of modules that deliver solutions for SIG citizen/city assistance, comprising commercial, government as well as commercial/government usage. Using digitalisation and common databases, processes and activities are accelerated – providing contactless access, mobile payments and access to online services. Our solution offers a set of citizen-friendly tools that expand the functionality of many city services in a convenient way. Connecting to the entire SIG b-Ident system, b-city is an extremely valuable tool for use by governments, monitoring centres and city safety agencies.

Smart City has become an increasingly common global solution. But only a few companies are able to deliver a complete, bespoke solution. We consider our modularity approach the most competitive among such providers.


English, German: 00 48 696 207 050

English, Spanish: 00 48 696 207 040

Polish, Russian: 00 48 534 808 070

The main advantage of our Smart City solution is citizen security. Using synergistic algorithms, our sensors automatically detect emergency numbers for almost every situation – from assault to motor accidents to gunfire. And in cooperation with city monitoring centres we help identify the person(s) responsible for these types of activity within seconds.


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