Track and Trace Solution

b-Track and Trace is a group of solutions that help monitor the entire life cycle of sensitive products such as alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals. The main functionality of our solution is the presentation of clear evidence of each product’s availability. Our solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of governments, manufacturers and individual clients.

Our track and trace engine can be used for security documents. We also deliver accurate information on current life cycle stages for government-issued documents.

Our range of data gateways can be adapted for specific groups of products. Just some of the many SIG solutions for security paper, security print and security car license plates include anti-copy high resolution QR codes, barcodes as well as UHF and HF RFID transponders in the form of stickers, windshield labels or hard tags.

Track and Trace comes with added functionality and is widely used for the protection of excise tax-related products such as cigarettes, alcohol and medicines. Our tools for governmental institutions, control bodies, distributors and individual clients provide a range of benefits:

  • Increased knowledge of the product life cycle
  • Identification of each single product
  • Setting of expiration time frames
  • Delivering additional product information
  • Improvement of logistics
  • Remote control of revenue and taxation
  • Reporting and analysing

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Vehicle license plates with track and trace functionality

Semi-documents such as car license plates are subject to multilevel protection. SIG integrates highly secured plates with QR codes/barcodes/tracking labels as gateways to the most important information on plate production origin, issuance dates as well as vehicle and owner data. Similar functionality extends to remote features delivered using RFID variations, including hard tags mounted on car plates.

RFID Windshield label/QR CODE windshield label

Under certain circumstances placing RFID tags on metal car plates can be difficult. This has led to our development of an alternative windshield solution, where the RFID transponder is built into a thin inlay in the form of a sticker. Applied to glass, it can be used with QR codes as well as additional security features like holographic structures and security printing.

We also offer comprehensive solution elements such as data access system support, track and trace and authentication services, data capture hardware, document personalisation and issuance, information display/control, access control and other features.


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