SSP IDENT GmbH is one of the leading high security printing centres in Germany licensed as Intergraf Certified Security Printer.
The company is also one of the established travel ticket printers in Europe. Together with our customers, we have been developing individual security print and media products for over 140 years.

We produce documents, certificates, passports, tickets in sheets, fanfold, rolls and blocks, saving books, checks, fiscal and postal stamps, vouchers and many other security print products on normal offset paper, thermo paper and state-of-the-art security papers.

To protect these products we are using many different security features like watermarks, holograms, iris print, microlines, guilloches, barcoding, diffraction foils, anti-copy raster and state-of-the-art security inks.

SPM - Security Paper Mill, Inc.

SPM – Security Paper Mill, a.s. is the leading and oldest manufacturer of stationery and special types of paper and cardboard in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The company was founded in 1997 by Czech shareholders and builds on more than 50 year-old tradition of security paper production.

Security paper contains various types of protection against counterfeiting used to protect documents. Currently, the company produces more than 1000 different types of security paper with different technical specifications according to customers’ requirements.

Among the main products there is paper for passports, ID cards and driving licenses, tax stamps, shares, travel tickets, postage stamps, checks, bills, vouchers, entrance tickets, a range of certificates and many others.

The high and guaranteed level of production quality is appreciated not only in the Czech market, but also in the most developed markets of European Union countries, where the majority of production is exported. The export reaches 90% of the total production and the goods are exported to over 70 countries.

SPM has a unique know-how, state-of-the-art paper production technology, its own development and research centre, as well as production monitoring and security systems.

SPM Systems

SPM Systems is an international company headquartered in Poland, specializing in IT - software and hardware solutions for identification systems.

One of the Company’s main objectives is to provide a friendly links between citizens and government authorities, giving authorities/institutions the option of full transparency and automation of the entire process.

It has the world’s best specialists in the field of security documents related to the IT business, and it develops complete solutions for the eGovernment (electronic government) with the support of Security Ident Group.

Thanks to its huge experience, it is developing tailor made software solution for management of databases in the field of electronic services.

Furthermore, it created an advanced product in terms of RFID car identification that can be implemented as a part of the entire system.

Thanks to being a member of the Security Ident Group, SPM Systems can provide a complete package of physical documentation and IT solutions produced in-house. The wide range of security products within the delivered system may include: identification documents, vehicle license plates, vehicle windshield stickers, RFID products and supplies for production and personalization, related personalization tools and hardware supplied thanks to its own development and long-term cooperation with trusted and worldwide known suppliers.

Tiskárna Hradištko s.r.o./ TH Smart Printing

Tiskárna Hradištko s.r.o. (Printer Hradistko Ltd.)/ TH Smart Printing was established as the successor of a more than 60 year-old tradition of printing in a historic building dating back to 1944. It builds on the renowned professional skills of local printers who are European leaders in the production of decals.

20 employees, and other personnel in this region of printing, supply the market with baking decals for glass, porcelain, ceramics and enamel. Thanks to the quality of local printers, it is using the combination of offset – sieve method, which achieves very fine reliefs.

Decals for eggs that appear in our stores for decades are almost legendary. Highly sought-after products are tattoo decals and positive decals for various materials.

Printer Hradistko also prints all offset mercantile. An integral part of the company’s activities are special prints, for example bank notes, postage stamps, share certificates, etc.

Joint Ventures


GLOBDATA GmBH was formed in 2006 as a Joint Venture with Globdata a.s., which over the years has become a strong and stable company focused on providing services for electronic payments using mobile devices.The company will implement eTicketing and ePayments solutions especially in Western Europe. It provides a comprehensive solution for traffic electronic check-in, in the form of Smart Ticketing.

It is an open system coupled with a unique patented payment instrument and thanks to the technology of smartphones it brings a number of improvements and benefits not only for users, but also for salesmen.

It provides a comprehensive ecosystem within the departure control system, and communication with external systems. Purchase, distribution and validation of the document become comfortable, fast and transparent. Its use is particularly suitable for tickets, time vouchers, parking tickets, money transfers between users, competitions, polls, travel insurance, etc.


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